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How much does a suit cost?

Our suits start at $650 and up depends on the fabrics and styles. We make suits that meet different price points and for a variety of occasions. Let us know what kind of suit you are looking for and we will let you know how we can help. 


Do you offer discounts if I order multiple suits?

Yes. If customer orders more than 3 suits, we will give 15% discount or a complimentary gift.


I’m getting married and want to get a made-to-measure suit for the wedding. How much time in advance of the wedding date should I be fitted?

Congratulations! At least 2 months in advance of the day you plan to wear the suit.



Do you travel or make office visits?

Yes, we can travel to you or make a visit to your office for group orders and other special circumstances. There will be a fee charged $50 each time to such services. Please contact us to make arrangement.



Do you save my measurements?

Yes. We save each customer's measurements. However, it's better for customers to get re-measured to make sure there is no change in their old measurements.

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