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( Depends on fabric selection/style and size)

  • Men suit starts from $1300 and up ( price depends on fabric, and measurements)

  • Women suit starts from $1100 ( price depends on fabric, and measurements)

  • Men trousers starts from $500

  • Women trousers starts from $450

  • Men shirt starts from $400 ( Price depends on fabric and measurements)

  • Women shirt starts from $350 ( Price depends on fabric and measurements)

  • Dress starts from $600 (Price depends on fabric and styles)

  • Special occasion dress will depend on the style, fabric and measurements

  • We sometimes have special promotion so please call to check if we have available deals for you.



  • Hemming pants without cuffs/lining $30 ( not wide legs pants)

  • Hemming pants with cuffs/lining $40     ( not wide legs pants)

  • Hemming pencil skirts with lining $50-$55

  • Hemming dresses/ bridesmaids dresses/ wedding dresses ( bring in to check for price quote)

  • Shorten jacket sleeves $50-$60 ( depends on the buttonholes)

  • Shorten shirt sleeves $35

  • Take in jacket ( bring in to check for price quote)

  • Other complicated garments require us to check in person for price quote.



  • Custom tailoring: designing your own suits, coats, dresses, pants, skirts, bridal and formal gowns.

  • Styling service: provide advice for customers in relation to styles, fabrics, garment details, and so on.

  • Alteration services: hemming, zipper repair, alter the garments bigger and smaller for shirts, suits, dresses, wedding dresses, etc...

  • Custom uniforms, tuxedos, etc.

  • Appointment to customer house or office on Saturday and Sunday for a fee of $50 within certain miles.


  • For custom-made clothing, which is uniquely tailored to each customer´s specification, we are unable to accept custom clothing returns. When customers take the garment home, we are not responsible for any damage after wearing or change of the measurements from losing or gaining weight. Should a garment require alterations, we can provide the best alteration service as much as we can. Customers have 7 days to bring it back to get it alter without charge such as adjusting the hem shorter or longer, adjusting the waist, etc... After that, there will be an alteration fee.


  • For alteration clothes, we will adjust the clothes to best satisfy customers. Customers can do the final fitting before pick up to make sure everything is good. Within 1 week, you can bring it back for us to adjust if you need to take in or let out a little, etc... But after that, we are not responsible for any change with your clothes. There will be an alteration fee for extra work.

  • For bridal gowns or dresses with complicated construction, we will ask customers to leave the dress for us to check carefully and get back in a couple of days with a price quote together with the detail of work needed. ( provide a quote without pinning and marking on the dress)

  • There will be a $50 fitting charge for a one-hour service fee when we pin and mark your clothes unless you ask to provide the quote first in the initial fitting. 

  • We only keep customers' clothes for up to 3 months. If customers don't come to pick them up within 3 months period, we treat the clothes as being abandoned and no longer keep them.



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